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Trekking is an important and widely practised tourist activities. Trekking is a long walk which lasts for several days or weeks especially in the hills or mountains. Nepal can be the destination for trekking because of the different mountain ranges in different parts of the country. The trekking in Nepal has a great potentiality.

              The purposes of hiking are to get pleasure and to get knowledge. Trekking definitely provides pleasure because the people in trekking can watch and enjoy many different kinds of natural gifts and beauties. While trekking in nature, the trekkers can see various types of places, things, animals, birds, plants and so on. When the trekkers watch them, they certainly feel entertained. The trekkers encounter with the multiple components of bio-diversities, gain pleasure and get information.

                   Nepal is rich in nature beauties, gifts, resources and wonders. There are many places and things of cultural, historical and religious importance. Mt.Everest, which is the highest peak in the world lies in Nepal. The snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful water resources, the green forests, flora and fauna attract many tourists every year. Tourists from foreign countries come here in Nepal with several purposes, some of them visit for trekking and climbing mountains. Likewise some of them want to learn something about our culture, religion and the society. Nepal can be the best destination for trekking because of the mountains ranging from east to the west. The trekking in Nepal has a wonderful and very good future.

                    Tourists from many countries visit Nepal making their plans to go trekking. If they are provided with the facilities needed, they will be pleased with us and want to visit our country again. They want to enjoy nature freely. Most of the industrialized countries in the world do not have wider mountains areas for the people to go trekking. By the result, the people of these countries want to visit Nepal. But our beautiful mountain regions have to be saved from being polluted and destroyed.

                                  Trekking plays a significant role. We can get many advantages from it. Firstly, we can earn foreign currency which can be used for the development of our country. Many people can get the opportunity to be employed in the trekking offices such as tour guide, trekking guide, porters etc. Our cottage industries can be benefited from it. Likewise, we can learn their languages, cultures, and traditions from the tourists. Furthermore, the fame of our motherland can be promoted and widened all over the world through foreign trekkers.

         Trekking is so important activity in Nepal to promote tourism business. In order to promote trekking in Nepal, all the sectors concerned should be responsible. The government, Tourism Board of Nepal, Private trekking offices and so on are expected to make proper plans to allure foreign tourists. I feel that if we can promote trekking trade in Nepal, our future definitely can be brighter and brighter.


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