Dhaulagiri Region

The Dhaulagiri Circuit trek is a long hike that takes you through forests, cultivated terraced hills, uninhabited valleys, high, windswept passes, and alpine pastures. This is a challenging trek that requires a high level of fitness because it involves crossing two passes—the French Pass at 5,360 meters and the Dhampus Pass at 5,200 meters—as well as the Dhaulagiri Base Camp at 4,740 meters. However, this trek's rewards include stunning views of Tukuche Peak (6,920 meters), Dhaulagiri I (8,167 meters), Dhaulagiri ii (7,751 meters), Dhaulagiri III (7,715 meters), and Dhaulagiri V (7,618 meters) with good stamina and basic mountaineering skills.

The Kali Gandaki, the world's deepest gorge, is above Dhaulagiri, and the circuit route offers stunning views of the entire Dhaulagiri range. Dhaulagiri, which was discovered in 1808 and stands at 8,167 meters, was thought to be the world's highest mountain until Kanchenjunga took that title 30 years later; later to be removed by Mount Everest!  A French team discovered the Dhaulagiri Circuit route in the 1950s, resulting in the French Pass, which leads into Hidden Valley, a lonely area.

Along rivers, gorges, glaciers, and moraines, the circuit trail winds through villages and terraced farmland. There will be plenty of time to acclimate before tackling the high passes, so you can take in the stunning mountain views.