Langtang Region

Kyanjin Gomba Trek takes you deep into the Langtang Region beginning in Dhunche. As soon as you enter the valley, you are surrounded by alpine woods and have a breathtaking view of the Langtang glacier right in front of you.

We hike the distance to Kyanjin Gomba, a traditional and ethnic settlement surrounded by unspoiled forest, where we spend a day relaxing in the presence of notable mountains. A journey from Kyanjin Gompa to the Langsisa grasslands at an elevation of 4.084 m offers stunning views of several glaciers.

There aren't many cottages in Langsisa that are within a day's trek of Kyanjin Gompa. The three main excursions are to Kyanjin Gompa or Monastery, Lirung Glacier, and Langtang Valley.

. This walk requires moderate climbing and takes around 10 days to reach a height of 4,300 m.

To begin the hike, we take a local bus or jeep to Dhunche, which is about a 6- to 7-hour journey from Kathmandu. On the first day of the Langtang Kyanjin Gompa Trek, we'll stay in Dhunche and begin the journey the next morning after breakfast. Traditional Tibetans leave for the little town of Dhunche, where there are a few simple local tea houses for trekkers' convenience. Nowadays, instead of going through Dhunche, hikers drive directly to Syabru, which is located one hour higher.