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Overview of the trip Rara tour package: The Jeep Rara Lake Tour is a very long trip, but the memories it leaves behind are priceless. It is at an elevation of 2990 meters. In Mugu, it is a naturally revered location. Rara National Park rose to the top of the region and is a great place to take in the smell of the countryside while also enjoying the view of the woods and the sounds of chirping birds. This is a stage where you learn about your place in the world today and the significance of an extraordinary character's performance.
One of Nepal's upcoming eco-tourism destinations, Rara Lake Jeep Tour is far removed from the bustling city centers in the center of the cultural and natural reach harbor. On the way, glimpses of culture, scenery, and way of life are quite different from the rest of Nepal.
The summit's stunning views of the snow-capped Himalayan milky summit are a unique combination of breathtaking beauty that will entice trekkers and travelers. There are numerous options to consider. To reach the lake, you might have to travel from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj to Talcha and trek for about two hours.
From Kathmandu to Surkhet by jeep, it takes approximately 13 hours. In order to reach Surkhet, we will drive approximately 605 kilometers. Furthermore, following day keeps on driving around 7-8 preceding Kalikot it'll cover just about 170 kilometers through the forest with strict perspectives mountains and green scene. The following day, we regularly drive to Rara via Sinja and Nagmi.
A dirt road leads into Rara by Nagma. It takes about four hours. Drive to accomplish Talcha air terminal alongside the around 30 minutes' drive forward we leave our vehicle and just about an hour increment to uphill to accomplish lake.

Package for a Nepali Rara Lake Tour

The highlight of Rara National Park, Nepal's smallest national park in the Jumla and Mugu district, is Rara lake. Perhaps, it is only one among the couple of perfect and not as packed journeying objections in Nepal, which will merit a few visits. Numerous poets have written poems dedicated to Rara because they adored the stunning lake. Also, whether this is your first or tenth trip, Rara never fails to blow you away to the otherworldly panorama. Rara Lake is majestic because of regular magnificence, yet additionally on account of the basic reality that it houses three endemic fishes, the interesting red panda, Himalayan wild bears, and lots of foxes. As a result, Rara Lake has both aesthetic value and a distinct floral and faunal significance.
Rara Lake (रारा ताल) is the biggest lake in Nepal. This exotic lake, also known as "Mahendra Taal," can be found in Nepal's western Mugu district.
The largest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal is Rara Lake, which is located in Mugu district, in the Mid-Western Development Region's northwest. Rara, which is located 2990 meters above sea level, is frequently referred to as the queen of paradise. Rara Lake's crystal-clear water reflects the stunning views of snow-capped mountains due to its elevated position. It has a surface area of 10.8 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 167 meters. The lake is about 5.7 kilometers long and 2.7 kilometers wide. The Nijar River is where lake water enters the Mugu Karnali River.
Rara, nicknamed the Sovereign of Lakes in Nepal, is recognized for its enchanting picturesque magnificence. The mesmerizing natural beauty of Rara lake cannot be adequately described with words; rather, Rara's thirst can only be quenched by seeing this divine gift firsthand. Multiple times throughout the course of a single day, Rara's unique splendor changes color. Most of the time, people are taken aback by the deep blue color of the lake and forget all the obstacles they faced on their way to Rara. It is undeniable that Rara is capable of sanitizing any soul that has become disillusioned. In addition, the natural splendor up to its peak is amplified by the view of the glittering stars reflected in the crystal-clear water of Rara at night.

Package for a Nepali Rara Lake Tour

In recent years, Rara Lake has emerged as the most popular destination for travelers from Nepal. More than 15,000 Nepalis take a break at the nearby lake each year. It is becoming increasingly popular as a honeymoon spot for couples.
Up until March 2019, more than 15,000 people visited Rara Lake, according to data from the Rara National Park Office. Stakeholders in the area claim that the number of visitors is increasing satisfactorily. Take advantage of our Rara Lake Tour Package for 2021.

Trip Highlights

  • Breathtaking scenery of the Rara Lake that changes its color
  • Himalayan views on the background
  • Bird watching and jungle walk
  • Hear deuda song, Nepal folk songs
  • Encounter the largest lake in Nepal
  • Boating in Rara Lake


Rara lake tour package price for Nepali

Package Price (Per Person)
6 night 7 days Premium package for Nepali (transportation by 4WD jeep) NRS 24500 (group of 7 or 8)
6 night 7 days Economy Package for Nepali  (transportation by bus) NRS 20000
2 night 3 days Package for Nepali (transportation by flight) from Nepalgunj NRS 26000
2 night 3 days Package for Nepali (transportation by flight) from Nepalgunj NRS 40000


Rara Tour Package Itinerary

Detailed itinerary for a Helicopter tour.

  •  Early morning airport check-in and aboard the helicopter flight.
  •  Kathmandu to Nepalgunj flight Refueling)
  •  Nepalgunj to Rara. Helicopter landing. (Halt for an hour)
  •  Lake exploration and photo sessions.
  •  A flight back to Nepalgunj and eventually Kathmandu.
  •  Transfer back to the hotel.

Detailed Itinerary of reaching the lake by bus

  • Day 1– Arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport. Overnight stay at a hotel in Kathmandu.
  • Day 2– Kathmandu to Surkhet drive around 13-16 hours by night bus.
  • Day 3– Breakfast at Surkhet. 7- 8-hour drive to kalikot. Meal on the way. Overnight at a local hotel at Manma, the district headquarter of kalikot.
  • Day 4-Breakfast at Manma. Drive to Gamghadi or Talcha airport. Overnight at Ghamgadi or Talcha airport at a tea house accommodation.
  • Day 5– Early morning 2-3 hours trek to Rara. Lake exploration. Lunch at the shore of Lake.
  • Day 6–  7-hour drive to JumlaKhalangaBajar after morning breakfast. Overnight at Jumla.
  • Day 7-Early morning drive to Surkhet. Overnight at Surkhet.
  • Day 8– Surkhet to Kathmandu by bus.
  • Day 9– Departure from Kathmandu.

Rara Lake Tour Package from Kathmandu Detailed itinerary for Nepali by Scorpio (Jeep)

  • Day 1: Kathmandu to Kohalpur.
  • Day 2: Kohalpur to Manma (kalikot)
  • Day 3: Manma to talcha
  • Day 4: Explore Rara and overnight
  • Day 5: Rara to manma(kalikot)
  • Day 6: Manma to surkhet/Kohalpur
  • Day 7: Surkhet/Kohalpur to kathmandu

Rara Lake Tour Package by Flight

We are operating a Rara lake flight tour every day at just NPR 32000. Find the 3 days Itinerary below.

  • Day 01: Morning flight from Kathmandu to Nepaljung and connecting flight from Nepaljung to Talcha airport. Trek to Rara Lake and explore. Overnight around Rara Lake.
  • Day 02: Stay around Rara Lake, Hiking, boating, village tour, and overnight stay
  • Day 03: After breakfast, start the way back to Talcha airport. Fly back to Nepaljung and then to Kathmandu. 

We also offer a Rara tour package from Nepalgunj. The trip can be redesigned as per your requirement.

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  • All ground transportation
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day
  • Accommodation of 2-3 sharing basic each day
  • Trip guide


  • Personal expenses
  • Travel insurance
  • extra expenses (due to natural calamities)


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